· Roulette – This game is guaranteed to spin you to absolute exhilaration as players are required to place their bets on a range of numbers or number. This can either be between odd and even numbers or black and red colors. The spinning of the wheel is often characterized by cheers and pandemonium. It gets even better when the wheel settles on a number you have picked as this spells a win for you.

· Blackjack – Also known as twenty one, black jack is a popular casino game and a big money maker. This is because many people are tempted to believe they can easily win this game. Winning this game requires good investigation coupled with calculation. Thus, unlike other games where winning is based on luck and chance, winning this game requires proper scrutiny and decision making.

· Video poker – This is game has been in existence since the seventies yet it is still popular. This game is preferred by players who appreciate a game of skill, possible large wins, low house edge and anonymity. The rules of engagement are pretty simple. That is, 1 to 5 coins thus the machine gives you 5 cards letting you choose what to hold and what to discard. The discards are replaced after which you are paid as per the value of your hand.

· Keno – The popularity of this game is in the fact that it is some sort of lottery where you pick numbers with the hope that they will match those that will be drawn out of the ping pong ball machine. This game presents that highest edge of all the casino games at 25% or more. You can play this game for as low as $1 for winnings as high as $250,000.

· Baccarat – This game has been previously played under different names like baccarat chemin, punto bancoas well as bacarrat banque. This game is particularly thrilling for card players. However, it popularity is in the fact that it is not any ordinary man’s game hence you need money. Moreover, it is believed that this casino game is has its basis in rituals and has the least house edges among table games.

· Slots – Slots is one of the games that is enjoyed the world over. This game has different names such as fruit machines, poker machines or gambling machines. When players have placed bets and the spin button is clicked the reels begin spinning with the aim of hitting a winning combination that will receive a payout. The winning combination is a combination of symbols on a payline or on the reels. Players usually use specific options and buttons to play slots.

Online Casinos
Identifying an ideal micro-gaming casino that will take care of your needs can be a challenge especially if you do not know where to begin. This is because there are numerous options to choose from, with many more coming up hence it can be quite confusing. To help you get started here are brief reviews of three top online casinos that you may consider:

Jackpot City
This casino has stood the test of time to establish itself as a reputable entity being a veteran entity. This multi-time winner has also grown to be among the best giants in gambling. Today, there are over 3.5 million users who have signed up with across the globe. This casino is a gateway to multiple veritable casinos making it an ideal choice for those to be those who love variety as you can play daily without exhausting your options. Consequently, finding this game may feel like you have already hit the jackpots. Jackpot city is truly a favorite for man yeah as it accommodates players from every part of the world except the U.S.

32Red Casino
This online casino boasts of a proven track record in being trustworthy. In addition, it has a lot more going including having a technologically advanced micro gaming Viper software, a fast and secure banking platform, eCogra certification, bonus and loyalty rewards, over 500 games and club rounge for high end players. These features made it earn the title casino of the Decade in 2010. Just like Jackpot city, players from all over the world can play except the U.S.

Betway Casino
This is another trusted online casino that stands out from the crowd not only because it has an enormous range of games but because it is a combination of quality and quantity. This casino has been in existence for almost a decade hence has a proven record catering for players from all parts of the world apart from the U.S. Betway casino has set the bar for other casinos that aspire to achieve international success. With over 500 games you can never run out of options. Moreover, you can switch to other sports book without having to log out.

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