As the main icon of the holiday season celebrations, the Christmas tree is never taken lightly. It requires a minimum of preparation and reflection. When should you buy it? When to decorate it? How to choose it? Here’s a practical guide.

The return of the cold undeniably plunges us into the frenzy of the end-of-year celebrations. It’s time to dust off Mariah Carey’s album and bring out our most beautiful garlands from the attic. We have finally arrived at Christmas time. The wait until December 24 often seems endless, yet there is plenty to do to keep busy until the festivities. Find the right Advent calendar, decorate your interior, prepare the list of gifts. To the question “How to pass the time before Christmas?” “, decoration aficionados have a ready answer: put up your tree! Majestic, it invites itself into every home to become the centerpiece of the winter scenography. No doubt, the tree is the emblem of Christmas. The problem: the mere mention of it can revive major debates. Between tradition and the desire for Christmas magic, the different clans will clash. How to choose the right tree, when to buy it, how to decorate it, what variety to choose, should you go for an artificial tree… There are many questions and everyone has their own opinion.

When to put up your Christmas tree according to tradition?
We grant you, deciding to make your tree in October is not very well seen. But no one said anything about the idea of putting up your Christmas tree in November… This is why the most impatient among us have certainly already given in to it. It sits proudly in the living room from the very moment the Halloween decorations are returned to their boxes. There is not a second to lose and too bad for traditions. The most common tradition says to put up your tree on the last Sunday of November, which falls on the 27th this year. But most will prepare for Christmas a little later. Often as a way to ensure that their tree remains fresh ( if it’s a natual one ) and full of vigor for December 24th.

While there is no official rule, a study by English psychoanalyst Steve McKeown has proven that decorating your home early will make you happier! If science says that a tree can help us fight against winter depression, why resist? Do what makes you happy. The race is set: to your garlands… ready, set, decorate.