Ready to renovate your future bathroom?
We share our 10 best tips and some mistakes to avoid.


1 –How many people will use the bathroom? This question is crucial for organizing the necessary arrangements. If it is the only complete bathroom in the house, a vanity with cabinets will be preferable to a pedestal washbasin: you can store the essential items and it will clear the counter.
2 –At the planning stage, avoid making the bowl the first thing you see when entering the room. If possible, use the vanity or a wall to conceal the toilet or, better yet, isolate it in a small room.

The key elements

3 – How to choose sanitary facilities? Try them! Often, people are embarrassed and do not dare to do so. Being tall or small, sturdy or thin influences comfort. Finally, if Madame takes a bath every night while Monsieur takes a bath occasionally, it is suggested to buy the bathtub that meets the criteria of Madame.
4 – If you are hanging a shower head on the ceiling, be sure to place the temperature regulator close to the door so that when you enter the shower the water is already at the right temperature.
5 – You have to choose your shower according to your budget and the accent you want to put on this element. A shower with two circuits and a thermostatic mixing valve is recommended. Finally, a visual trick: extending the shower cover on the adjacent walls creates a continuity effect, and the room looks larger.
6 – Epoxy grout is more waterproof and easier to clean than standard grout. That said, it is more expensive to buy and more difficult to apply. It is recommended for all areas of the bathroom where there is a risk of water. For the shower, it is a must!


7 – If the space is small, it is better to accommodate a single sink and separate the shower from the bathtub. The shower cubicle is gradually becoming essential. Having said that, if there is only one complete bathroom, a bathtub is mandatory, if only to interest the future buyers when reselling.
8 – More than ever, one thinks organization when planning the vanity. Three words: simplicity, style and functionality. It is not necessary that the furniture be immense, but rather that it is designed according to our needs. Preferably drawers, they are much more easy to access than the cabinets. Finally, add a large decorative mirror to encase the style of your decor.
9 – To give an impression of space in the bathroom, choose large size ceramic tiles, such as 24 x 24.
10 – For a feeling of harmony to emerge from the ensemble, it is important to create a certain fluidity between the different components of the set. You can back the bath and shower or choose a wall covering that binds the elements. In the bathroom, do not be afraid and dare to mix materials and textures, contrasting between the massive and light elements.

3 mistakes to avoid

  • Ceramic badly posed spoiling the look
  • Lack of storage causing disorder and bulk
  • Insufficient lighting for daily make-up