Cooking at the BBQ is one of the pleasures of summer! Grilled meats or fish, vegetables and even fruits can be grilled for our greatest pleasure. But if the BBQ is a fantastic device, it is also an appliance which must be taken care of consistently by cleaning it at each use. Here are our maintenance tips to avoid the inconvenience!

The right tools to clean your BBQ

To properly clean your barbecue, you must have good tools, otherwise this little task will become a real chore!

A stainless steel brush is essential. This is the most effective way to clean the grille properly. If you use your barbecue very often, do not hesitate to change your brush every season.

If you have sensitive hands, or if you want to avoid injuring yourself by rubbing, consider putting on gloves before you start cleaning.

To clean the various surfaces, a liquid product is required. You can use hot soapy water or specially designed products for cleaning grills, such as Weber (Barbecue Grill Cleaner), which have the advantage of not containing phenols, solvents, Products or carcinogenic substances.

Also use a lint-free cloth and a non-abrasive sponge, not forgetting a good dose of elbow grease!

Cleaning BBQ Grills

Depending on the material of your grill, there are several cleaning methods.

If the stainless steel grilles are to be brushed hot, cast iron or enamelled steel should always be cleaned cold.

The grills can also be placed under large flames in order to burn off the fats which will start in smoke. Then pass the stainless steel brush. This method is very effective, but can inconvenience your neighbors because it gives off a lot of smell.

Some users soak the grills of their BBQ in hot water to which they add detergent and some vinegar. Bicarbonate solutions are also frequently used. One can soak a few hours or litteraly all night. If you have grills that are poorly enamelled, the technique of soaking is not recommended, as rust may appear quickly.

You can also roll a sheet of aluminum foil (glossy side on the outside) and rub the grill. Some use this technique with newsprint.

Aluminum foil can also be used in a different way: put aluminum foil directly on the grill and heat for a maximum of one minute. The aluminum foil will reflect the heat and deposits will be burnt. Another method is to place the grids in a self-cleaning oven. All that remains is to wipe the ashes once the cycle is over.

And if you really do not want to waste time with cleaning, be aware that there are robots like the Grillbot that will clean the grille for you!

Gas grill

There are some differences with regards to cleaning a gas grill from the one with coal. If you have one of the first category, you need to clean the burners as well as the pipes. After the gas supply has been switched off, the pipes must be cleaned with hot, soapy water. The burners are cleaned with a damp sponge. A toothpick will be used to clean the burner holes. Be aware that some models of barbecue have a cleaning system, as is the Weber brand and its function “One-Touch”. It removes ash, coal and food debris from inside the grill.


General advice

  • To prevent the food from sticking too much on your grill, do not hesitate to coat it with oil before use.
  • Always have a disposable fat recovery tray next to your barbecue.
  • Open your eye when you’re done rubbing your grid. Indeed, the metal bristles of a barbecue brush detach themselves sometimes and remain on the grid. They could end up on food and be swallowed.
  • If your BBQ stays outside, or is semi-sheltered under an awning, for example, use a protective cover.
  • Of course, you should clean your BBQ after each use, but it is also advisable to clean it thoroughly once a year, to ensure its long life.
  • If you have an electric barbecue, do not put any of its parts in a pyrolysis oven to clean them, they would not withstand the temperature.
  • Always disconnect the gas supply after each use.