Every year, at the end of winter we start thinking of booking a place in one of the many sugar shacks in Quebec. To many of us it symbolizes the return of sunny days, the sound of ice melting (finally!) And of course the pleasure of enjoying a traditional meal without worrying about calories!

Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon

If you’re already a fan of Martin Picard’s popular restaurant, you’ll love the mix of traditional and spicy dishes at the sugar shack Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon in Saint-Benoît de Mirabel. (45 minutes from Montreal). The menu changes daily, according to the inspiration of the cooks, but you will never be disappointed, it’s promised! Be careful though, you have to book well in advance to ensure a place, because the popularity of the place grows every year.

La pause Sylvestre

Are you a vegetarian? Know that it is still possible to sweeten your mouth in a true traditional atmosphere. For 12 years now, in Dudswell in the Eastern Townships, there is a very small cabin (22 places maximum) that offers a vegetarian menu: Moreover, during a complete reservation (for 22 people), the friendly owner can also concoct a menu exclusively vegan. There is no website because the reputation of the establishment is already well established. It is therefore absolutely necessary to call to reserve. The hut is lost in the woods and you have to walk for about ten minutes in the sugar bush before you can taste the creations of Mrs. Carole, which will be served in handmade pottery (made on site). Contact: 819-828-0049

La Tablée des Pionniers

Located in St-Faustin-du-Lac-Carré near Mont-Tremblant, La Tablée des Pionniers is the sugar shack of chef Louis-François Marcotte. The menu is gourmet and the atmosphere is very friendly. The dishes are traditional, but revisited with a small current eclectic touch. There are three menus at different prices: people can choose the size of their meal!

L’Érablière du Lac-Beauport

For an outing that combines pleasures of the table and learning, it is the Érablière of Lac-Beauport that must be chosen! In addition to the traditional menu that will delight even the most difficult, the site has a museum of Quebec animals (stuffed!) And a museum of maple syrup where you can learn all about the different ways in which the syrup was harvested in the past centuries. During the meal, a traditional troupe will dance and the caller will surely manage to move the most timid!

Sucrerie Jean-Louis Massicotte et filles

La Sucrerie Jean-Louis Massicotte et filles is located in an ancestral maple grove dating back to 1710, and everything is REALLY old-fashioned: the collection of maple sap is done on horseback, your meal will be cooked on Wood, you can only pay in cash and there is no electricity! The picturesque little white and red hut accommodates a maximum of 39 people at a time and the owners invite guests to bring their warm boots, outdoor chairs and musical instruments for an always improvised party. The all you can eat menu will delight the most demanding taste buds.