The choice of soft drinks these days is vast at the grocery store. For a few years now we have also seen a plethora of choices without sugar and without calories. But in terms of better choices of soft drinks, there is not really any. Carbonated drinks have often been called empty liquid calories, because they provide nothing interesting, only sugar and calories. With regard to choices without calories or diet, it would be wrong to believe that they are really better for health. Sweeteners are used to give the taste of sugar and we continue to maintain this desire for sweet drink.

Here are the worst soft drinks found on the market today. It’s not very complicated. There is a lot of sugars and a little sodium and that’s all for nutritional values. The list of ingredients is composed of water, sugar and aromas. Nutritional values are for 355 ml.


Products Calories Sugars (g) Sodium (mg)
Crush- Cream Soda 170 45 65
Root beer – A&W 170 42 40
Mug – Rootbeer 160 43 45
Crush- Orange 160 43 70
7 Up 160 42 60
Pepsi 150 41 15
Fanta – orange 150 38 95
Coca Cola 140 39 25
Sprite 140 38 65
Canada Dry 130 32 50


The choices at zero and light.

The light and calorie-free versions are almost as numerous on the shelves. At first glance, these choices seem enticing from a nutritional point of view. No calories and no sugar … yes but. These versions are sweetened with sweeteners, synthetic sugars that provide no calories. However, these drinks continue to nurture our attraction for very sweet drinks. Perhaps a little more interesting than the regular choice, but by no means an excuse to consume large quantities.

Vitamins and minerals

There is a lot of talk about the debate surrounding juice consumption in the end, these beverages are no more interesting than soft drinks. Warning. Soft drinks contain no minerals or vitamins. Morning orange juice has at least the advantage of providing a certain percentage of our recommended intake of vitamin C. I would not put juices in the same basket as carbonated drinks systematically, but know that these are liquid calories Which often interfere with a record speed and add up to the rest of the food we eat in a day.

Water is and will always be the best choice !

Water is the best way to quench your thirst. It is possible to aromatize water with slices of citrus or cucumber. Also be aware that homemade iced teas made from real tea blend can make excellent beverage choices. Deprived of sugar or almost, they will bring you all the good taste of the tea you choose.

And do not forget to hydrate yourself only in hot weather,  The recommendations for a day are 1.75 to 2 liters of water.