Domestic animals are much more than balls of fur, feathers or scales. They help us … live better! Without immersing yourself in the structured programs of animal-assisted therapy, the simple fact of having a pet is beneficial to us.

1- Our animals reduce our stress … and improve our general health!

In Quebec, there are about 2.5 million cats and dogs. And this is without counting the other pets that will increase this number. And all these animals act on the stress of their owner and the people they rub shoulders with. Indeed, they have a calming and comforting effect. As a result, the level of cortisol – the stress hormone – decreases, blood pressure also, and the heart rate adjusts. A good boost for our overall health when we know all the damage that stress can cause to our body.

2- Animals “boost” our self esteem … and improve our mood

Knowing that our pet is waiting for us at home, on the return of a beautiful or exhausting day at work, strengthens our bond. One feels useful, expected, esteemed! Better still, one feels loved unconditionally. So, our self-confidence and life is better. And as living with a beast makes us smile more, they inject a strong dose of good humor into our daily lives.

3- They are excellent motivators … and make us change for the better!

When Fido asks to go for his walk, he is also keeping us in shape. He is an excellent coach who ignores himself! And how to say no to his supplicating eyes? Sometimes the arrival of an animal in our home is consistent with new habits or a desire for change. Their presence helps us to keep the focus.

4) Animals are excellent confidants … who will never reveal our secrets!

Many pet owners confide in them and talk to them on a daily basis! Not surprising! For them, their pet is a full member of their family. To entrust oneself to his animal is therefore a liberating act, much like writing in his diary. Speaking allows you to take a distance from a problem or a situation while giving us the chance to find solutions.

And you, how does your pet help you in your life?