Here are 5 simple tips so that you can cook the best cookies every time!

1. Go for brown sugar!
Choose a recipe of chocolate chip cookies based on brown sugar, this is the ingredient which brings the rich flavor of caramel.

2. Use the right fat
A biscuit without butter can have a disappointing end result. If you like sweet biscuits, choose a biscuit recipe with cream cheese. Avoid margarine, which ultimately gives a very thin biscuit.

3. Do not worry about the amount of chocolate chips
Do not hesitate to add an entire bag or even better … a bag and a half!

4. Make a beautiful finish
Take the time to drop some extra chocolate chips on top of each biscuit before cooking. And sprinkle a little sea salt over the biscuits.

5. Store them properly
Biscuits hard as a rock are never very nice.
Keep your biscuits in an airtight container with a slice of apple.
Place them in a resealable bag and add half a slice of bread.

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