Buying online may have some disadvantages, but in general, we only see positive points to this method which is gaining more and more popularity with people in a hurry or lacking in patience. In Canada, it is estimated that three out of four individuals have bought or will soon buy via the Internet.

Why buy online and why it’s advantageous?

The first reason is for the price, usually lower than in store. Online shops, because of their lower operating costs, can indeed easily reduce their price. No salesman, no shop, no representative to pay. Via the Internet, everything can even be done in an automated way, with the help of a single employee who will ship the order. Several merchants also offer discounts ranging from 5 to 75% on online purchases and even pay for delivery when the order exceeds a certain amount.

The second reason is practicality. If for some strolling in the crowded shops is source of pleasure, for others, it is torture. Not to mention that we do not necessarily have the time, between work, children etc. Thanks to the Internet, everything happens in the comfort of your own home. Seductive, right ?! Buying online saves time. Ideal for those who are pressed for time, a purchase for Internet is made in a few minutes: you choose the article you want, you create an account and proceed to payment which are simple, secure and reliable in most cases. In addition, crowds, queues and shop bustle are avoided so that stress and inconvenience are avoided.

And finally in just a few clicks, the Internet grants you access to the world of e-commerce where you can find literally everything from clothing, appliances, furniture, food. Not to mention the many services available online, everything is there! The Internet abolishes distances and offers you the opportunity to buy from shops located miles away from home, to try products from another continent, to send gifts to a person living at the other end of the world. So many benefits, So why deprive yourself?