When you look at everything you did in 2016, You’ll see that it was incredible to have accomplished so much. But you’ll also realize why you are exhausted. Like many moms you may have even managed a family for quite a while while being self-employed.

Well, we know how that feels and we think we could give you some tips to get through your busiest days !

1. Have a family agenda in electronic format
My partner and I share our agendas and record all the activities of our day. It helps us so much to plan our lives a little, and most importantly, whether or not a person is available to pick up the little ones etc.

2. Have a large bank of babysitters
Having a wide selection of babysitters is crucial, always try to have at least four or five trustworthy people in your bank of babysitters that you can call. If one is not available, you move on to the next one.

3. Have “rescue kits” everywhere
Leave basic essentials kits everywhere like for example in your desk at work with items like a toothbrush and makeup etc , Always have a pair of stockings in your car or anywhere you can store an “essentials emergency kit”.  It’s really handy if you’re like most tired moms (with your head elsewhere).

4. Have a quick pick me up in the afternoon
When you have a series of days that start early and never end, Get a V8 ™ in the early afternoon. It’s perfect for a quick pick me up in the afternoon. You can also go for a quick workout or even a walk, And if possible nothing picks you up like a cold shower.

5. Make lists in order of priority
When your day is very busy, Make a list of my tasks and put them in order of priorities. That way, you can clearly see the tasks to be accomplished and it allows you to refocus. Drag your list with you everywhere, so you can tell yourself that if you have a two minutes somewhere in your day, you can do less important things. With this method, you will feel a lot more efficient …

What are your tips?