Detox cure, purification, energy … All these words are in style these days! We all would like to be able to eat a food and have it clean our body and leave us feeling instantly reinvigorated, in short, we seek an easy solution. The interest in smoothies and green juices is at its peak. But are these drinks as miraculous and as the mesmerizing as messages that come with them?

The debate …

The word “juice” raises many questions in the world of nutrition. Because even when they are natural and composed of 100% fruits or vegetables, there remains a big downside to this food. In fact, it is especially at the level of the portion that the problem exists. A large glass of juice is usually consumed quickly and that increases the number of calories and the amount of sugars ingested in a day. Even if they are natural and come from fruits, juices are a drink that is very quickly assimilated into our system which generates no feeling of satiety. However to point the finger at juices in the same way as soft drinks is a bit disingenuous … it is necessary to look deeper.

Vegetable juices

Vegetable juices however have the advantage of providing only a very small amount of calories. A juice extractor helps conserve a large amount of nutrients from foods and also valuable antioxidants. Even if the fibers are not all conserved, an interesting quantity can be found in our juice.

Green juice is therefore a very interesting choice on a nutritious level especially if you have difficulty reaching the number of servings of fruits and vegetables recommended per day. However, it should be kept in mind that whole fruit and vegetables still remain the priority over juices.

It is at the level of the term “detox” that these green juices become interesting. Fruits and vegetables work very positively on our bodies on different levels. High consumption of these foods is recognized as an effective means of preventing the development of cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, fruits and vegetables provide fiber that helps in the proper functioning of intestinal transit, blood glucose control and weight management.

As for the detox action the body has the ability in itself to eliminate accumulated toxins and it is difficult to prove the effect of foods at this level. What characterizes this type of diet is the abundant presence of foods that contain antioxidants. They help fight free radicals in our bodies that damage our cells and cause premature aging.

To conclude, having a habit of consuming a green juice to give yourself a little boost in your day is an excellent thing. You increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables and you bring to your body many essential nutrients. Beware, however, of commercial products by reading the list of ingredients and avoiding the products in which sugar is added. And always bear in mind that even if they are fruits and vegetables, a reasonable serving will be your best ally!

What say you? Have you jumped on the bandwagon of green juices?