Montreal is full of excellent Indian restaurants so it’s hard to select just 5 ! We’ve narrowed it down to five good Indian restaurants to discover in our city! Here are the ones that we find deserve the most attention.

Chand Palace — 989 Jean Talon Ouest, (514) 271-6000

Chand Palace is an excellent little Indian restaurant. This place quickly became one of our favorites. It is appreciated for its varied menu and thalis served until closing. The Chand Palace offers simple decor, but the place is clean. The service is fast and the portions are consistent and exquisite. Chand’s prices are very affordable. It is also a restaurant where we can bring our wine.

Craving for some thali ! 🇮🇳

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Le Taj — 2077 Rue Stanley, (514) 845-9015

More than 20 years after its opening, the restaurant in the heart of downtown offers the best Indian meals in Montreal. You will find the classics “tikka”, “korma”, “vindaloo” and other exquisite specialties meticulously chosen by the owner Mr. Vinood Kapoor. Beautiful exotic decor, the service is impeccable and warm. Address remarkable and original. One of our favorites. Note that lunch offers a delicious buffet.

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Mahli Sweets — 880 Jarry Ouest, (514) 273-0407

Going to Mr. Mahli is a bit like leaving Montreal for somewhere else. On the walls we can find pictures of the boss with celebrities, Catherine Deneuve and others and, in the plates of generous portions. Mahli serves exceptional goat curries. On the television screens, always have great and small successes of Bollywood. Expatriation is assured and appetites filled.


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Le Super Qualité – Snack bar indien — 1211 rue Bélanger, 514-398-0184

Le Super Qualité Snack bar indien offers you the best of what the subcontinent has to offer. There are mainly street food from southern India, cocktails and regional specialties. The place is quaint and original and the staff is very friendly. Small neighborhood restaurant to discover for its tasty dishes and its relaxed atmosphere.

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best indian vegan friendly place 🔥✨🌿

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Tandoori Masson — 3008 Rue Masson, (514) 564-7283

The restaurant Tandoori Masson is a sure bet in the Rosemont district! On the menu, there are delicious dishes such as chicken with butter, lamb with curry, thalis, salads and sandwiches. The house also offers an affordable tasting menu and table d’hôte. The charming little Bring your own wine is very good value for money! Please note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.

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Do you have other places to recommend? Let us know by posting below and we’ll gladly add them to this list.