This is the first date and obviously, you want to make a good impression! Let’s put luck on your side by betting on simple dishes that will not make you look bad! Here are the 10 meals to avoid during a first meeting!

Ribs and chicken wings

Dishes that are eaten with the fingers are to be avoided during a first date. They are messy and no one is able to eat ribs and chicken wings with a minimum of class. On a first date stick with dishes that are eaten with utensils!


With a spoon, without a spoon … Cut, or not cut … Far too many questions for a simple meal where one is already a little nervous in advance! Forget the romantic image of Lady and the Tramp, because in reality, it will be quite different!

All dishes with garlic

Unless you take both love garlic, it is to be avoided if you think there will be intimate romantic activity in the evening! You would not want to spoil your first kiss!


Vegetables are excellent for health, but they also have the characteristic of being let’s say … difficult to digest. Bloating, gas, etc! Avoid if you want to fully enjoy our evening!

Pesto, spinach …

Avoid food that can get stuck between your teeth. Why on a first date, would you want to have the embarrassment of having to mention to the other that he has an intruder in his smile. Imagine if you only realize once you have gone home that you had a piece of spinach between your two front teeth!

The soup

Ssssssssuuuupp! It’s a huge no no. Nothing is a bigger turn off than hearing your date make noise when eating. Under no circumstance you should ever order a soup on a first date.

Big burgers

It’s not easy to eat a burger without risking that it drip on our chin or even on your beautiful clothes previously chosen for the occasion! Just like the ribs and the chicken wings, keep the option of burgers for when the relationship will be a little more official.

Asian dishes

Some people are excellent at eating with chopsticks, others less. As a member of the second group, dinners in Asian restaurants are a source of unnecessary stress. Even though no one will hold it against you, we still feel a little “inept” to eat with traditional utensils in this kind of place.

An ice cream cone

Think about it. Do you see the image you are projecting when you eat an ice cream cone? Although it can be funny, opt instead for a sunday or a dessert that is eaten with a utensil!

Too much alcohol

Alcohol is not really to be avoided during a first appointment. But overdrinking yes. Although a small glass of wine can be very pleasant and help us to reduce stress, the too many glasses will make your “date” flee. Approach it moderately and everything will go well!

What are your dishes to avoid ?