We learned today from The Montreal Gazette that an entrepreneur from British Columbia, dubbed the “Prince of the Pot,” will open three stores this Thursday where it will be possible for everyone to get marijuana in Montreal.

Marc Emery, AKA the Prince of the Pot already has a few boutiques in Ontario and British Columbia. He said he had signed leases with three owners of Montreal premises, noting that the opening of these three boutiques will take place on December 15. He also mentioned that you have to be at least 19 years old to get recreational marijuana.

According to the The Montreal Gazette article and the investigations that the newspaper did, it would appear that the three boutiques will be located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, near Roy Street, on Mount Royal Avenue, East of Papineau Avenue, and on Amherst Street, near Ontario Street. Four other shops would also be in the plans.

The arrival of these stores coincides with the report of Cannabis Legalization from the Trudeau government (which was released this morning). This report advises not to sell marijuana in the same areas that also sell alcohol, such as the SAQ.