Are you tired of your debts? It is time to move on and live our lives to our full potential without fear of bills arriving by mail. For 2017, here’s a good resolution: Finish the year by crushing your debt to zero for good and forever. Ambitious? No, it requires discipline, but it is quite possible.

Here are 4 things to accomplish today:

1. Up-to-date accounting
Of course this depends on your situation, but in my case as I am self-employed I have bills to file. Usually I find myself doing this at the last minute during the tax period, because I have to get out my box filled with receipts in order to sort them. And as I hate to do that, I postpone everything until the last minute.
Well not this time! Do it right away…

2. Preparing your budget
Start the year knowing exactly where you are at finance level and build your budget for months to come. Be realistic. This post will give you some tips to get you started. And do not forget, even if you feel discouraged looking at the numbers (especially those in the red!), Try to think positively. This is what will make all the difference, even if you end up having to cut in expenses!

3. Download applications
Let technology help you in this struggle. Sites and applications like & Freshbooks or even your own bank website can go a long way to helping you get your finances in order.. Why not use everything that’s available to bring down that debt load.

4. Cut spending
Let’s get one thing straight, you can cut just about anywhere! Your phone + internet plans may already be advantageous and low, so maybe you could not do anything with that (especially if you need it for work), but do you really need all the data on your iphone? Could you do without it for 6 months? And the cable or TV? And your car?
Remember that you will have to make sacrifices during the challenge and that every little dollar counts!

That’s all! Four little actions that will ensure you are on the right track right away in the first few days of 2017. There is no better way to start the year!

We take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful 2017 year, hoping that it will be for you also the opportunity to say goodbye to all the nasty debts. We can do it!