If you had never played Grand Theft Auto, how the hell would you know that driving in a mechanic’s garage completely cancels any police pursuit instantly and forever? Exactly, you would not know. Proof that games make you smarter and teach you important things about life. Well, let’s admit that this is not the best example, but you understand the principle!

There is no longer any doubt, video games are good for your brain, according to science.

People have long debated the negative effect of video games, if one takes an example of an individual who would be psychotic, suggesting that simulated violence on screen can be replicated later in real life. Many studies have proved that these statements were false. On the contrary, there is now very real evidence that the game improves several aspects, especially coordination.

During the research, 10 to 14 players were used in a series of experiments where they would participate in perceptual tasks. The groups were established based on the experience of people with video games, noting that those with more experience in action-based games demonstrate improved performance in perception, attention and cognition .

In a separate test, they also used people who had little experience in games. They were given a certain task to do, then asked to have 50 hours of practice on a console, then repeat the previous task.

They would have accomplished the task much better following their practice hours.

Basically, if your parents, girlfriend, teachers or someone else tells you to stop playing video games, stay polite and tell them just to get better informed. Remember that as in many things in life, you must play in moderation!