Whether you are lighting a warehouse, or intending to brighten a factory, the school gymnasium, or any large, cavernous or open space, high bay lighting is certainly the best. These lights are suitable for places that require bright illumination and also long-lasting quality. The high bay lights are the ideal brightening options for places with open settings. They are perfect for consumers who require low-maintenance lights but those providing very high quality performance.

The high bay lighting fixtures are engineered for heights more than 20 feet. More and more people are opting for high bay lightings instead of mimicking common fluorescent lights and HID forms. These fixtures are uniquely designed to maximize the optics, heat management and lifetimes of these rigorously tested LEDs.

Advantages of High Bay Lights:

1. The high bay lights are highly efficient. They provide more lumens per watt compared to the traditional light settings. Some of the models, they also provide some 100 lumens per watt.
2. They are energy efficient. They require minimal energy to operate. They provide up to 70% cost savings on energy.
3. Unlike the traditional lights, these lights can be controlled by using motion sensors. The uses of sensors have no negative effect on the lifetime or performance of these lights.
4. A high bay light has a predicted life of more than 200,000 hours.
5. Generally, these lights are backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty. They require almost no maintenance for the lifetime of the fixture.

High Bay LED Light Fixtures:

High Bay LED light fixtures are uniquely designed to meet the advanced requirements of various open spaces. These high bay fixtures provide some 18000 and 20000 median of lumens per watt. They are an unmatched quality of excellent quality and performance.

The development of the high bay fixtures has eliminated the dependency on the energy-wasting fluorescent LEDs and the high energy using HID high bays. Moreover, they provide a very bright work environment. They feature acrylic and prismatic reflectors. They are also made up of sturdy and die-cast aluminum housing. They are specially made for damp locations and are so designed that they provide adjustable lamp positions.

Most of the light fixture companies nowadays are switching over to LED high bay lights for large and open areas owing to the fact that the conventional lighting settings consume large amount of energy and also require regular maintenance. The high bays are designed for rugged industrial lighting with proven performance of saving more than 90% of the energy cost.

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