The vision we saw a few years back is getting fulfilled now. The world we live in today has turned all mobile. A report by Statista has forecasted that smartphone users will reach the mark of 2.08 Billion in 2016. Such growth in figures has provided a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to expand their audience through the ‘mobile’ way.

Thus, it is high time that you reach your customers/users with your own business app. It would not only help you reach a bigger base of audience, but it would enable you to generate way more revenues than you ever thought of.

Before stepping into the world of your app development and contact any Android or IOS App Development Company, there is a need to address the most important issue, i.e. Security.

So, let us examine the host of security threats they face, and different ways in which these can be reduced before you start developing your mobile app.

The Level of Threat

If we talk about the threat level that happens to exist on both iPhone and Android, it would seem that Apple users seem to be on more protective side. According to a study there are more vulnerabilities on an Android phone, in comparison to an iOS one. The main reason behind this is the utilization of the open approach by Android. Moreover, as Apple regularly monitors and controls the security of apps available on App store, it strictly reviews all the applications for avoiding malware through.

Security with Software

In order to avoid the multitudes of threats in Android, it is mandatory to upgrade the version for OS to the latest version. The lack of consistency in the older versions makes it easier to play into the hands of malware creators.

On the other hand, apple does not encounter such problem, as every iOS update released quickly reaches its users. All the updates are big events that specializes in prompting mass upgrades. Consequently, security scares are a rare news when it comes to iOS. Thus creating a more secure ecosystem for every user.

Integration of Hardware

The security of Android is a lot dependent on the hardware it is running on. Many manufacturers work towards the better implementation of security features than others. For instance, Knox platform introduced by Samsung specializes in providing a secure process of booting in order to make sure unauthorized software is not loaded when the device is switched on.

Staying Safe on Android

Android environment is characterized as more of Wild West environment in comparison to iOS. However, with the utilization of right safety measures, it can become a secured platform. In case, you think of downloading an app from unknown sources, make sure you have conducted a proper research whether they’re safe or not before providing messages, contacts and Social Media Accounts. Consulting an android app development company would be a feasible option as it can recommend solutions to enhance the security of your app. Moreover, you can get assistance in preventing Trojan Horses entering through the gates.

The analyzation of the above factors, will land you in a position to understand the security framework of both the OS in a solemn manner. Consequently, helping you develop your app with improved and more secured measures in order to reduce the possibility of threats to a great extent.

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