Not all houses have enough space to have an outdoor garden. Many people do not have them because of the cost and care and maintenance. However, a study reveals that it is a good idea to have a plant in at least some corner of your home. Whether it is your terrace, balcony or kitchen, consider planting a few plants. The idea of kitchen garden is not only for the purpose of hobby. You can easily grow variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables and spinach herbs without any hassle. Whenever you feel low or dull, you can always relax in the shadow of your favourite plant.

Kitchen gardens can actually solve the biggest of problems. Whether it is health related or mind related; plants actually work. Gardening brings a sense of relaxation and keeps you occupied. Gardening is beneficial for those with anxiety disorders. The process is a long one. If you keep yourself busy with such an activity, your stress levels will reduce considerably. The beauty of nature has the power to cure the biggest of problems.

Apart from the psychological and mental peace plants give us, plants can also promote physical wellbeing. Cooking with herbs from your own kitchen garden can solve the biggest health troubles. If you fall ill often, it is advised to cook with home-grown herbs and vegetables. These plants are grown in your shadow and cared and nurtured by you. These days, most of the farmers are using pesticides and fertilizers that destroy the nutrient content of the crops and can be fatal to human health upon consumption.

The best way to stay fit and keep your health in good condition is by consuming home-grown and organic crops. In the future too, these plants will keep you healthy.

Lastly, kitchen gardens also solve the problem of scarcity. Most of the horticultural fairs these days sell plant seeds. It is good to purchase the seeds for those plants that arescarcely available. Also, certain recipes require to use herbs which are not easily available in the Indian market. By getting your hand on these seeds, you can easily plant your own thyme or rosemary plant in your kitchen garden. This way, you can enjoy the flavours of Italian herbs in your daily cooking.

Therefore, kitchen gardens are our life saviours as they bring physiological, psychological and physical wellbeing.

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