Microsoft invites its users to wait for the alert before installing the Creators Update, otherwise their PC may encounter problems. Two weeks ago, Microsoft officially deployed its latest feature update for Windows 10: Creators Update. While the company welcomes the positive comments that this launch has generated, it strongly recommends to its users not to update their operating system manually.

According to Microsoft, the reason behind this caveat is related to problems that the installation of this update causes with certain specific hardware configurations. In practice, if your PC has not received an alert asking you to update, there is a good chance that its technical characteristics correspond to one of the configurations that can cause you a lot of headaches.

When a problem is reported by one of its users following an update, Microsoft follows the following steps:

• It documents the problem and provides troubleshooting tips for the sake of its technical support and discussion forum.
• It makes changes to the update in question, or works with the manufacturer of the hardware identified as problematic to correct drivers and other compatibility issues.
• It blocks the deployment of the update to the PCs corresponding to the problematic configuration in order to prevent it from affecting other users

Among the known problems cited by Microsoft, there is a question of incompatibility of certain Bluetooth modules of Broadcom brand whose wireless connection is unstable or simply impossible following the update. As soon as this problem has been identified, Microsoft has blocked the deployment of the Creators Update update to the PCs integrating the Bluetooth modules of that brand, and ensures that it will cancel the blocking once the problem has been resolved.

Of course, it may be easy to accuse Microsoft of negligence in the deployment of an update that can cause harm to all of its users. However, it is difficult not to recognize the extreme complexity of developing an operating system that should work perfectly on a variety of configurations that increases almost exponentially whenever new hardware is created.

Your PC is running okay? Haven’t yet installed the Creators Update? No rush, especially if the proper functioning of your PC is vital for your mental health. If you are an advanced user and a little daredevil however, nothing prevents you from going for it.