It is important for you to create an advertising video for your business. This does not matter whether you are involved in rendering services or supplying tangible products. Statistics show that visitors are more inclined to watch a video than they are interested in reading text. If you have a website, a video is a must-have and here is why.

Visitors prefer videos to text

Mobile device viewership makes up 50% of YouTube’s global viewership. This shows how effective video marketing is. Regardless of how intelligent your website is, you have to take time in both business photography and videography. An advertising video will reinforce your message. All in all, you need to create interesting videos.

Videos establish a better connection

No matter how hard you try, you will always be limited in the way you can inform and entertain with your text. This is where the need to create an advertising video comes in. videos help establish a deeper personal connection with your consumers. You can give facts while at the same time make the video entertaining by using cartoons or actors.

Videos are easier to understand

Another important thing you have to note about videos is that they are more practical. Instead of describing a process, you can actually show your audience how to do something. The video will supplement your text and work where text cannot.

A great video will be shared by viewers thereby promoting viral marketing. Your audience can watch the video any time. What is more is that the video will help with your SEO efforts. A business website should have an introduction video on the home-page.

There are many more benefits of using an advertising video. However, you must understand that creating a great video requires experience, skill and the use of the best equipment. For the best results, it is paramount that you enlist the help of a product photographer. The person you hire has to be experienced and with a proven track record in business photography.

One of the most reliable companies you can count on to create an advertising video for your business is inPicture. The company works with a team of highly trained and experienced product photographers. When you combine the competence of the team with the use of world-class business photography equipment, you can expect quality results in an advertising video. The team will work with you every step of the way from conception to the delivery of the complete product.

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